Up to date

Life is busy enough that I’m not adding pictures to this update because in the time it takes me to upload them I’ll forget about posting this and then it will not happen.

1.  Thank you for the detailed email and for sending the pictures. We LOVE knowing what you are up to.

2. It is so funny how it feels like you’ve been gone for weeks and it hasn’t even been two yet.

3.  We had a great time on Saturday night with Joy, Kevin, and the kids.  Karen was exhausted after her day and couldn’t make it. 

4.  Michael was super impressed with the chicken. I reheated it at 375 and the skin was crunchy and delicious. The breasts were still dry enough that I think we should only serve thighs and legs. If people don’t want dark meat than they can have shrimp or the other dish.  What do you think?

5. It is gorgeous here right now. The weather is perfect.  The tulips are out, the asparagus is poking up, and the plants in the greenhouse are getting big. It’s also warm enough that we turned the heat off in the floor and unlocked the top windows.

6. The toads are back!

7. The toth brothers sent you an letter saying thank you for  your last payment and that you don’t owe anymore money to them (since you are such a good customer). I’ll shred the other payment to them.

8.  Ryan still has a hole in his ear and will need to have surgery when summer is over.  The dr wants to wait so that it doesn’t wreck the swimming season.

9. We planted the strawberries and onion transplants.

10.  We really miss you!

One thought on “Up to date

  1. Hi Matt, Buff, Joe, Connor and Ryan,
    It is funny that it doesn’t seem that we have been gone long because the time goes quickly when you see something new each day. I am happy that the weather has turned for you. It is always fun to see things grow. There is straw in the front flower bed that can be put under the strawberries. On one side the berries have chips but on the other side the dirt sometimes muddies the fruit. Today we are doing culture and mediation. I’ll let you know how dad does sitting and meditating for an hour. Should be interesting. Tomorrow I’ll write and tell you about Burma. We will be at sea.
    Sorry that Ryan has a hole still. that was nice of the doctor to think of his swimming. We miss you too!
    Dad and Mom


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